Good Things

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Summer seems very far away for some of us, but the seasons promise that before too long, we will again be enjoying the warmth of the sun. Sometimes, we might get caught up in the routine of each season coming and going, expecting that life will offer the same things year after year. But, just like finding unexpected wild berries on a summer walk, if we allow ourselves to look and be receptive, new experiences and opportunities can be as sweet to experience as finding ripe, sun-warmed berries.

Life doesn’t usually let us know what to expect. A year ago, MargaForma did not exist, not even as an idea, but maybe it will be something you will want to explore – ideas, questions, challenges, and successes. And even though I have to wait for summer to enjoy the taste of a wild strawberry, I don’t always have to wait for good things – some of them are nearby, just waiting to be noticed. I hope you’ll take some time to discover something unexpected today, and I hope you’ll think it’s a good thing. Sometimes, the unexpected things can be the best treat of all.

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