Bio swales

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Any tips for designing bioswales? This one I’m working on is intended to filter effluent from a winery. The peak season is in the fall “crushing.” The discharge will be acidic, some cleaning chemicals, and lots of sediment. Finding adaptable plants is a challenge…but also the sediment blocking the permeability into the ground. Resources, ideas, insights anyone?

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Renee LaGue

It will be tricky with the sediment, hmm. Bioinfiltration basins will probably have to be cleaned out- maybe use a settlement pond of a sort first, like in wastewater treatment plants, that are designed to be cleaned periodically and only allow non-sedimented water through? Once the sediments are out it will be easier to infiltrate/clean water with plants. How acidic?

I’m again going to recommend the book “Phyto” by Kate Kennen for dealing with the cleaning chemicals (which chemicals?), although she doesn’t get into wetland-based phytoremediation as much.

You might want to consult with an expert!