Plants and Birds

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Below are some helpful online resources showing what native plant species benefit what birds, mostly as food sources, but some as cover or nesting material.

<> A beautiful visual reference that includes foraging guilds and nesting.

<> This list includes wildflowers, shrubs, and trees. The document also provides a great list of books used to develop their plant list and which provide even more detailed information.

<> The BirdPlant Database near the bottom of the page allows you to search by either bird or plant (mostly trees and shrubs).

Kate also provided this link to a New York Times article called the Chickadee’s Guide to Gardening. It describes the writer’s observational study about the number of insects that a native tree versus a non-native tree provided to a family of chickadees throughout the growing season. I’ve used this resource with clients to give them an idea of why they should care about the plants we are choosing in the landscape, and they have appreciated the very accessible, anecdotal information.

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