The Nature of Cities

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I think it’s helpful to know what people are reading and what they are finding useful in pursuing their goals for professional growth. I like to keep topics diverse, academic, and peer-reviewed. I like to know that the articles are not only well thought-out, but that the information has been corroborated with real-life experience or the research is consistent, repeatable, and useful. For instance, there are many common landscape  practices that are repeated and instructed throughout written, printed, and oral material, that when held up to actual research, are wrong. Yet information to support practices is often difficult to find, outdated, or un-vetted. Our post Horticultural Myths Exposed in March ’15 provides a link to updated landscape practices that are research-based and peer-reviewed.

I’d like to direct you to a website I recently found for The Nature of Cities, an organization that “promotes worldwide dialog and action to create green cities that are sustainable, resilient, livable, and just.” Included are blog posts from around the world, podcasts, a gallery of graffiti, and a journaled journey of a couple traveling on foot from Bangkok to Barcelona (beginning  January 2016).

This link takes you to The Nature of Cities blog all-content page. As always, you are encouraged to share articles that you find interesting and what questions or thoughts they raise for you. It would be great to get some dialogue going within the comments of this blog.

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