Pollinator Food Sources

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We hear a lot about supporting pollinators in mainstream publications, but it is often difficult to find information that provides thorough lists of plants (not just the top 5 flowers), include both larval food and nectar plants, include bats and beetles rather than just bees and butterflies, or are specific to the regions in which we work.

The Pollinator Partnership at Pollinator.org is a professional resource for this very thing. It includes the information you might expect from such an organization: beekeeping tips, challenges to plant gardens, information on the connection between pollinators and our food supply.

What is perhaps the most helpful for designers, are the PDF planting guides they’ve created for 31 distinct ecoregions of the U.S. and 2 for Canada. These are beautiful, full-color, well-organized pages that separate lists of perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines by bloom period, color and site requirements, pollinator attractors, and hosts for larva. These pages also include definitions of pollinator types and guidelines for creating sufficient and varied habitats. Plant lists start at about page 16. 

You can search for your own ecoregion by entering your zip code in the search box.

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