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I know that we have few followers on this site and even less visits. But for those of you who subscribed in the past, I’d still like to add a little something once in a while. I hope to see this website become something to someone, someday and somehow, and so my hope lives on.

Good Food Jobs is a site I don’t need; I’m not looking for a job. But I stay on the email list because I like the monthly email introduction; I don’t usually go delving any further into the blog. There are some really good things about it if you do delve deeper, and the passion and joy of the founders I think is easily evident. The authors, Taylor and Dorothy, write with a simple beauty and many times they talk about things that matter to the deep parts of my soul. Not huge things, but things that are often quiet and overlooked, but important. Anyway, I wanted to share this website with you and maybe you’ll find something of value here or there. If you do find those good things, then I hope you can find someone else to share them with.

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