Connecting the Drops with Rainwater Harvesting

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From the “Focus on Sustainability” webinar series by the Ecological Landscape Alliance:

Tree Protection Plans During Construction

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Tree Protection Plans During Construction

It might take seven years for a tree to start showing dieback from root disturbance, and by then it is probably too late. Following some simple measures can help identify which trees are at the most risk and protect them from damage in the first place.

1. Take a tree inventory before any work starts or materials get delivered to the site.

2. Identify which trees are at risk during the construction process – this includes trenching, driving over, and storing materials on the root zone.

3. Identify the best circumference for protecting each tree type. Some trees are more sensitive than others and require more space.

4. Create a barrier around each tree – some arborists recommend a chainlink fence because orange construction fences often get moved by contractors. Monitor the fences for displacement.

5. Place tree protection signs on each barrier.

6. Educate the contractors and utility installers.

The North Carolina State University Co-op Extension and University of Minnesota Extension both have excellent information and practical guidelines about tree protection during construction or utility work.


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Wooden steps are replaced and improved with granite. It is possible for one person to do it – with care!