This is a blog and information hub for The Conway School alumni. It's hoped this becomes a means of keeping in contact with one another, having a central location for information, sharing professional camaraderie, and learning. It's like a vernal pool of thought.

You can post your projects with descriptions and photos, ask questions when you want some feedback on design challenges or plant pallets, and share interesting articles and resources. Administrators of this site will schedule posts, but articles, comments, and photos can be posted by you at any time.

1. As a member, you are welcome to post anything and edit your own posts. You will not be able to edit other people's posts, but can comment on them if you want to ask questions, add, or correct information.

2. Links to interesting articles or resources are welcome. If possible, provide some insight into why you find it interesting.

3. Feel free to invite guest bloggers. For now, they will need to submit their articles to a class member.

4. Let's have some fun and see where this takes us!